BrandonBarash: If this is what heaven looks like, I must be dead. @teenystweeting #harperrosebarash #imshamelesslycheesy ♥♥

BrandonBarash: If this is what heaven looks like, I must be dead. @teenystweeting #harperrosebarash #imshamelesslycheesy

Uncle Mac & his girls

Cooper & Maxie; kisses

Cooper & Maxie; kisses

Forgive me.

Brandon & Kirsten being cute as a button.

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kirsten storms - tinkerbell

ten daytime females » Maxie Jones
❧ I blow up my life because I don’t deserve anything good.



ღ brandon barash & kirsten storms

"This was like I was hanging out with my best friend that I get to make out with!"

my favorite celebrity friendships | kristen alderson & kirsten storms


Maxie is… manipulative, vindictive, bitchy, lonely and… feisty. Maxie’s driven— she goes after whatever she wants full force, whether she thinks she should have it or not. Sometimes that can be a bad thing and she can end up in bad situations, but at least she goes after what she thinks she wants, and I think that’s a great quality. Maxie doesn’t deal with having survivor’s guilt very well, I think she feels like… she probably should’ve died five times, y’know, since she had her heart transplant. So, I think she kind of lives life to its fullest in a bad way. It sounds crazy, but it’s true, she’s just a crazy girl.

Maxie, tell Dante there is nothing wrong with your story, tell him.
Look at me, tell me.